Monday, March 30, 2009

Skype for iPhone - finally

Skype for iPhone [image credit CNET] Finally, the most wanted is happening for me: Skype app for iPhone. It will out on Tuesday. Can’t wait. I have been using Fring but the call quality is not that great. Not that I am complaining as that was the closest VOIP you could get on a phone. I will continue to use Fring for the multi-network chat capabilities. Also on the vine is the fact that Skype for Blackberry will be released in May.

  [image credit to CNET]

Skype is already on Windows Mobile phones, Nokia N800/N810, and Sony PSP as well.

Happy calling and staying in touch!

Skype for iPhone: It's official | CTIA show - CNET Reviews

CNET Photo Gallery of Skype app

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