Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iPhone 3.0 – New Features

Quick pointers while live iPhone 3.0 event is going on:

  • Free apps will still be available.
  • Peer to Peer connectivity – will use Bluetooth, will automatically pair and find other devices in the same area, without any WiFi. – Now this I love.
  • Peer to Peer gaming - My kids will be happy to play with each other in the car.
  • Stereo BlueTooth is now supported.
  • Accessories are more integrated
    • will be able to control speakers’ EQ.
    • will be able to control FM signal transmitter for cars.
  • Apple will work with Google to build the next great maps app. Make the API public so that apps can embed maps. Increased interactivity with maps.
  • Push Notifications – IM responses, weather notifications, alerts. TouchPets game more interactive. - Now this I love.
  • Proximity sensors ?
  • Streaming Audio Video over HTTP
  • Built in VoIP APIs.
  • Email sheet – send email without leaving the app.
  • Copy and Paste – YEAH!!! – finally. it works everywhere. - Now this I love.
  • SMS app has a camera icon. send photos.
  • Landscape mode in important Apple apps – mail, notes. Same usage as Safari has today.
  • Message App for MMS - send and receive files. multiple photos in a message.
  • new app – Voice Memos, share them over email
  • calendar app supports CalDAV, subscriptions via .ics - Now this I love.
  • search added to mail, calendar, iPod, notes – well search across all apps – introducing Spotlight UI.
  • notes app will sync via iTunes. - Now this I love.
  • Safari gets some new features like anti-phishing, wifi auto logins for hotspots, remembers login credentials, parental controls etc.

Most important:

  • iPhone OS 3.0 will ship this summer, free to all iPhone 3G customers
  • Available for original iPhones and iPod Touch ($9.95 update) although some options will not be available.
Update: Watch the exciting presentation video at Apple.com


  1. Nice post! Have u upgraded? Waiting to get the word before I jump!

  2. One point to be cautiouis about. First generation iphone and ipod touch will not be upgradable.

  3. @fabiansparkle: Well, the upgrade will be released this summer. I will definitely upgrade. I will post an update at that time for sure.

  4. @OneMoreThingToLearn: I heard in the event that original iPhone will get a free upgrade and iPod Touch will be it for $9.95. If you have seen / read anything different can you please post a link in your comments?