Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Start developing with Windows Azure today...

Well, now that Microsoft announced Windows Azure at PDC 2008 yesterday, it is time that we have a quick look at what is being offered today to start developing with Windows Azure.

Here are the tools/technology bits available for download:

1. Windows Azure SDK - it provides developers with the tools and APIs needed to develop, deploy, and manage scalable services in Windows Azure. It works on Vista SP1. The download is also available in 64-bit versions. You will also require .NET 3.5 SP1, IIS 7.0 with ASP.NET and WCF HTTP Activation and SQL Server Express 2005/2008.

2. Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio October 2008 CTP - it extend Visual Studio to enable the creation, building, debugging, running and packaging of scalable services on Windows Azure. It requires VS 2008 SP1 with Visual Web Developer. It also works for Visual Studio Web Developer 2008 Express Edition with SP1. It requires SQL Server 2005 Express or above. You should have already installed Windows Azure SDK. It includes:

  • C# and VB Project templates for building Cloud Services
  • Integration with the Development Fabric and Development Storage services
  • Debugging Cloud Service Roles running in the Development Fabric
  • Building and packaging of Cloud Service Packages
  • Browsing to the Azure Services Developer Portal
  • Role configuration
  • SSL Certificate selection
  • 3. Microsoft .NET Services SDK - These are the assortment of .NET Services which complement and sit on top of Windows Azure to provide other additional capabilities like Authentication etc. Read more...

    4. Microsoft SQL Data Services SDK - These are the SQL Server storage and data services extended on the cloud as web-based services and they sit on top of Windows Azure. It enables storing data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. SQL Services will provides integrated services that enables performing relational queries, search, reporting, analytics, integration and synchronizing data with mobile users, remote offices and business partners. Read more...

    5. Live Services - These are a set of building blocks within the Azure Services Platform for handling user data and application resources.

    Sample Applications

    • Phluffyfotos.com is a web 2.0 Picture Gallery Service where users can upload their pictures from the web or mobile device. This sample is designed to demonstrate how you can develop a multi tenant application using SQL Server Data Services (SSDS).
    • LitwareHR is a fictitious HR recruitment management application delivered as a service. LitwareHR is implemented as a single instance multi-tenant application, which means that all LitwareHR customers (or tenants) share the same instance of the application.

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