Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Roundup of April's Fool Day 2008 Bluffs

Well, here is an assortment of April's Fool Day 2008 news story headlines:

My best pick: XBox.com First look for long time gamers - I actually wanted to believe it!

InfoWorld: Microsoft, Yahoo agree on buyout price

Redmond nabs Yahoo's data centers, Web properties, and ad platform for $47.2 billion.

Google: gDay with MATE

Search tomorrow’s web, today! Google Australia has introduced a new feature, enabling you to search content on the internet before it is created.

Google: Announcing Project Virgle

Virgle's goal is simple: the establishment of a permanent human settlement on Mars.

Google: Gmail Custom Time

Introducing Gmail Custom Time. Be on time. Every time.

Telegraph: Flying penguins found by BBC programme

The BBC will today screen remarkable footage of penguins flying as part of its new natural history series, Miracles of Evolution.

The Independent: Ramsay vows to forswear bad language after he gets the brush-off from Australia

His name has long been synonymous with abuse, asterisks and four-letter words, but Gordon Ramsay has had a dramatic change of heart on swearing. In a move that will have diners choking on their oven-roasted Bresse pigeon, he plans to ban foul language in all his restaurants, whether in the kitchens or the dining areas.

Daily Mail: Mile-high tower: Saudi prince promises £5bn desert spire TWICE as tall as nearest rival being built

Plans for a mile-high tower in the Saudi Arabian desert have been unveiled by the billionaire owner of London's Savoy Hotel.


Today’s microchips, while tiny, still use a fair amount of power. This means that batteries have to be large and don’t usually last very long. But what if microchips were just a little bit more efficient? That’s what a team of engineers at MIT was thinking when they set out to redesign the microchip to make it even more efficient. The result is a microchip with a power consumption that is so low it can be recharged by your very own body heat.

And, last but not the least, a link to a website that has a collection of April's Fools Day 2008 links on the web. Enjoy!

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