Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My new found love for HD-DVD movies

While I was reading and following the format war between HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Hi-Def formats, I was still a little hesitant in buying a HD-DVD and Blu-Ray player, as the prices were still high. But, things changed overnight, when the unfortunate step was taken and HD-DVD format lost the battle. Toshiba stated that it will not develop, manufacture or market HD DVD players and recorders. Microsoft followed suit with withdrawing its future support for HD DVD and support for its HD DVD add-on for XBox 360. Others like Netflix, BestBuy, Walmart have since announced their abandonment of the format.

But, for me that was a cloud with a silver lining. I bought the HD-DVD player for XBox for a low price of $49.99. It came with the King Kong movie. I watched it that night. I was blown away.

That started a uncontrollable spiral to get the slowly vanishing HD-DVD movies off the shelves. So far, I have collected the following titles:

King Kong

The Chronicles Of Riddick

The Kingdom






Mission Impossible III

Batman Begins






They are one of the best titles in HD DVD format. Click on the titles to read the reviews from High-Def Digest.

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