Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Amazon starts new Amazon TextBuyIt service

amazontext Continuing on its innovation trail, Amazon has again done it. It released a new service TextBuyIt, which allows anyone with a SMS capable phone to send a message to Amazon to get pricing details of a product and then choose to buy it.

Very easy, just SMS the item name or author, artist ISBN/UPC code or any keyword to 'AMAZON' (262966). Amazon sends back a text message with the details and with instructions to buy the product by replying with 1 or 2 to buy an item. If the person chooses to buy, the person has to sign-in with an email address and zip code. Then an automated call is received by the buyer for order confirmation. Also, the first time one uses the service, a separate help text message is sent with all commands applicable to the service.

Truly remarkable. If you have any experience with the service (good or bad), please share it in the comments.

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