Thursday, December 06, 2007

IEeee - An IE Add-in for capturing bug details

The UK VSTS team has released a tool named IEeee, that is an add-in to Internet Explorer and allows the user to submit a bug about the page that is being currently rendered. It captures a significant amount of details about the environment and integrates well with TFS's workitem tracking system. A Bug can be directly created by this add-in and all captured information about the defect is attached with it. The information captured includes the following:

  • A Screen Shot of the page
  • The source HTML of the page
  • Any script files being used by the page
  • Any CSS pages that are referenced in the page
  • Details about the client browser configuration (e.g. screen resolution, browser version, ...)
  • Assign default values for any field in the defect report (e.g. Area, Iteration, Assigned To, ...)
  • Why the funny name? Here is what the team has to say:

    So why the silly name - its supposed to be based on the noise you make when you find a bug - well it would be if you were in a Batman cartoon!

    Download the IEeee v 1.5 add-in. And then checkout the detailed user guide.

    Additionally, if you are TFS buff, the UK VSTS team has also released a custom set of Work Item Controls that can be installed to enhance the work item user interface in TFS. They also have a Web Test Plug In that lets the user create scriptable parameters to new or existing web tests.

    That is so cool. Kudos to the UK VSTS team. Keep up the good work.

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