Monday, November 19, 2007

Visual Studio 2008 RTM version released

Kudos to Microsoft for releasing VS 2008 earlier than promised.

If you are a MSDN subscriber, you can get hold of the VS2008 RTM version from the MSDN subscriber download page.

If you are NOT an MSDN subscriber, you can either get the VS 2008 Express Editions or download the 90-day VS 2008 trial version.

Update: Scott Guthrie has a nice post about uninstalling VS 2008 Beta 2 before installing VS 2008 RTM release. Other great posts include Answers to a few VS 2008 Trial Edition, TFS 2008, and SourceSafe Questions, VS 2008 Compatibility with Older VS 2005 Add-in Packages.

In the spirit of the release of VS 2008 RTM version, a VS2008 Training Kit has been released as well. It is a nice collection (self-extracting, 120MB) of presentations, labs, demos and it installs nicely at one place. It is very intuitive to use with a supporting set of web pages that takes the user through all the available resources. Download it.

You can also enjoy the relevant screencasts on Channel 9:

VS2008 Training Kit: Lap around Visual Studio 2008 & .NET Framework 3.5

VS2008 Training Kit: What's new in C# 3.0?

VS2008 Training Kit: .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

VS2008 Training Kit: ADO Synchronization Services

VS2008 Training Kit: .NET Framework 3.5 Enhancements

VS2008 Training Kit: Using LINQ with Relational Data

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