Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 beta released

Yahoo! released its new Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Beta today. It has a funky bold look. It is fun. Yahoo has added contact pictures or avatars on the side and the status message under the contact name/address. Hover over a contact and you will get a context menu to quickly IM, Call or SMS your friend. Or you can see the full contact info by clicking on the left arrow key on the left side of the context menu. A new group Address Book is added automatically. Additionally, you can search for a contact by name or phone number from the search bar at the top.

Sharing photos is a breeze and fun with Flickr integrated. Sharing videos is even easier: just pasting a link of a video in the IM window, shows the video in a video player which can be played instantly. Similarly, if you paste a link to a photo, it shows up instantly rather than a boring link.

If you are offline, you can also have your IM messages forwarded to a mobile phone as text messages. You can have your incoming Yahoo calls to be forwarded to another telephone number as well.

While new themes add surprise, new emoticons spruces up the chatting experience and makes it more expressive.

You can watch a video preview to decide for yourself and you can download it. Alternatively, you can always choose to use the Yahoo Messenger for Web.

Earlier in Jan 2007, Yahoo announced that it is working on Yahoo Messenger on Windows Vista using the new WPF technologies. The current news is that it is not done yet.

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