Friday, September 07, 2007

Windows Live Writer 2008 Beta released!

A newer version of Windows Live Writer Beta released and that is just great news. I have till date installed and then uninstalled Writer at least 4 times, because it did not deliver. It had great potential but it was not ready. First it was blogger integration, then themes, and then no direct upload feature to blogger. Since I use Blogger as my blog host, I had issues. I am not sure about others. But, it was great to see this product finally come through.
The installation was ok but I did not understand why it wanted to install Messenger and Sign-in Assistant, when I thought I already had them.

Anyway, I ran Writer and configured it. But, alas, it could not download the theme. I know that the previous version of Writer had it fixed.

The next dialog showed the Weblog settings, the fact that now Writer can directly upload to blogger was just NICE!

Another nice review by Joe Chang here.

NOTE: This is posted via Windows Live Writer 2008 Beta

Update: Well, I was all happy to write the post in Writer after all, but, alas, I cannot publish it. It dies to connect to Blogger using my credentials and the clue might be that Writer does not detect the new interface and works with the Legacy interface for Blogger.

Bottomline, I still cannot publish a post with images to Blogger.

Update: After I got a comment from Anonymous, I tried posting to Blogger again with WLW, and it worked this time without a hitch. I have a proof post that was created using WLW.

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  1. That is strange, because it actually works perfectly, though WLW likes to attach [2] or [1] or other crazy stuff.