Friday, September 21, 2007

Unity cable - Google's interest in telecommunications

According to a report by Communications Day, Google is planning to launch a multi-terabit communications cable under the sea across the Pacific Ocean by 2009. According to Communications Day, a lot of other carriers whose identity has not been confirmed may be involved in this project. The exact route of the cable or any other details about the project has not been revealed yet.

This might be a very big deal. Google is already a mighty company with its stocks touching a new high. Its vivid interest in telecommunications, infrastructure and advertising is something to be watched. What could Google do with all this bandwidth - I shudder as I think. This job post at Google makes me wonder. Excerpt from the position reads:

Submarine cable Strategic Negotiators are specifically responsible for working with internal technical and business teams to identify, select, and negotiate
submarine networking contracts as part of the development of Google's global
backbone. These negotiators will work closely with vendors to identify highly cost-effective solutions under the most favorable commercial and technical terms possible. They will also be involved in new projects or investments in cable systems that Google may contemplate to extend or grow its backbone. Negotiators will need to have in-depth knowledge of the global submarine cabling system and a rock-solid understanding of how terrestrial constraints drive strategic submarine networking decisions. Smart, highly technical, business savvy individuals with a driving passion to help build one of the world's largest networks are encouraged to apply.

A giant that is looking more scary each day. Will Google become the next big monopoly?

And guess what, browsing the Google's Internal Subdomain site -, I found the subdomain registered on 7th May 2007. They had also registered the same day - are they taking over the universe?

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