Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Digg and HD-DVD key: Community Power

I am sure everyone is aware of this by now, but there is big crisis looming on Digg. Apparantly, a story was posted on Digg yesterday, that talked about the HD DVD encryption key being cracked. The key was posted and it make a lot of people angry. Digg trying to avoid legal action and trouble, deleted the story. That is when hell broke loose. Members poured in with same/similar posts regarding the key. The community was mad at Digg. It was a mess. More posts got deleted and members suspended. So, Jay Adelson from Digg posted a plea to the community stating the reasons for their action. But, the sheer number of member posts and the uproar was way too much to ignore for Digg. Digg's founder Kevin Rose addressed the community in his post and took on the bold move to keep the questionable stories on the site and face the consequences. He left off the post with a sentimental comment:

If we lose, then what the hell, at least we died trying.

The interesting thing that I noted in this ordeal is the crucial role community is playing. The question is will we see a future of community driven democratic decision making or will it be limited to a few Web 2.0 sites? This has shown that it is just now digging or commenting, but a voice of the member that is digging or making a comment. When considered collectively, it can shake pillars.

The other thing that I am wondering is if Digg's stance is justified. It took them so much effort to build the community-driven site. Just because it allows everyone to drive the stories does not mean that it should succumb to crisis like this. If Digg gets wrapped up in legal action and is shutdown, it will be a shame.

Will Digg take the same stance if some pictures/stories related to pornography were posted? I do not know the answer, but I hope not.

Otherwise, there is no difference between a good/reliable and bad/unreliable site. If I cannot trust the site for its content or support for its content, I rather not care to visit.

This is what the Top 10 in All Topics show on today...

Ryan Block has an excellent post that explains that whole HD-DVD key history. Many other sites have related stories and Techmeme has most of it home page littered with this big story.

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