Thursday, March 22, 2007

Try out the new Yahoo! Widgets 4

It is exciting to see the new revision of Yahoo Widgets. The screenshots on the website looks appealing.

Download your copy of the Yahoo Widgets 4. I downloaded it and here are my thoughts:

1. The download page was clean and pretty.
2. The installation was quick and easy.
3. In a couple of minutes, I had it installed and widgets all over my screen. I neat looking widget bar on the left and some widgets sprinkled over the screen (Starter Pack has Flickr, Weather, Clock).
4. All the widgets collapsed into the widget bar, after I was done.

Bottomline, nice clean quick installation, adequate help blurbs to get started, all widgets organized in the widget bar, and it just works!

Very nice article by Derek Anderson on Widgets Lab. It has been also covered in an article in TechCrunch also covered it in an article.

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