Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Office 2007 Online makes calendar sharing a breeze

For the longest time, I had an issue with remembering if I had a early meeting at work or my son's baseball practice. I tried syncing my office calendar on my PDA and then bring it back home and remember to sync it again to merge my calendars. It got boring and I forgot to sync each time. Then, I tried some of the online calendars but all had thier own formats and Outlook for the longest time did not support the iCal format. Then, I got my iPod and started syncing my calendar to it, hoping that atleast I would remember some of the meetings at work. But, that worked only when I sync my iPod for latest podcasts which was once a week. So, that did not fly either.

My main issue was two fold: 1. No publish / subscribe model for calendars; 2. No one place to see all my calendars.

Was I happy when I installed Office 2007! MS had finally come around to support the standard calendar format i.e. iCal and online calendars like iCalendar. See related article: http://calendarswamp.blogspot.com/2006/02/not-waiting-for-outlook-12.html

Well, now I have all my calendars subscribed on Windows Calendar at home where I can see a merged view of my day...

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