Wednesday, May 10, 2006

ClipCode DSL Tool for GOF Patterns

I recently found a gem on the MSDN forums here for DSL Tools. Eamon of Clipcode Knowledge Services, posted an entry stating that he had written a DSL Tool for the Gang of Four patterns. The source and docs can be found here. Curious as always I took it for a spin and was amazed. It is a cool piece of work. It gives an insight into a lot of code generation and model creation capabilities of DSL. I had some issues running his sample but I have posted a workaround that worked for me here. Look for a post by rupakg at 05/10/2006. Anyone who is interested in DSL should have a look at this excellent code. Kudos, Eamon. Update: I have some issues / workarounds documented here.

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  1. Rupak, I saw your comment for the post "Developers needed" @ freeonrails. I am currently working on a small project using ruby on rails and need some help. Let me know if you are willing to help me out.
    -Balu !