Saturday, October 29, 2005

Vista Build 5231 on VPC

I have been looking at the newly released Vita build 5231 on VPC. It was very smooth installation apart from two things:
a) Display Drivers not installed due to VPC Additions hanging.
b) Windows update disabled for this build and have to wait for Automatic Update to kick in.
c) Due to no Windows Update, I was worried connecting to the network as I could be infected with the worms.
d) Since I was disconnected, I was not able to activate windows. And, when I tried to run Media Center, I got a message similar to "This program will run only on a Windows Media Center machine...".

See my previous post for details on installing Vista build 5231 on VPC.

Apart from the above, it has been smooth. After activating Windows, Media Center worked like a charm.

I would like to write a detailed review and post some screenshots later.

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