Tuesday, September 13, 2005

C# Roadmap...

I was reading this blog by Wesner about the dynamic typing features being considered in future releases of C#, and found out that the article also mentioned the roadmap for C#. It was a very interesting read and here are some excerpts:

" The next iteration of C# is poised to become multi-paradigmatic, addressing numerous issues in programming. Most discussions focused on SQL and XML data integration and concurrency, but new features mentioned by a journal submission suggest an assault on dynamic languages is in preparation."

" Is it a coincidence that the timing of this publication is so close to the upcoming PDC 2005 announcement of C# 3.0? I think not, yet at the same time I am not sure all of the features mentioned will make it in. C# 2.0, which introduced four major features, is essentially a light release in preparation for the mega-release C# 3.0, which was co-developed at the same time. (Whidbey was originally the version 1.2.) Chris Brumme, CLR architect, previously mentioned that Whidbey release was focused on product maturity, focusing on fundamentals such as performance, reliability, and security, but that the following Orcas release would embark on a lot of crazy new ideas, such as those from functional and dynamic programming languages. As an indication of this, Jim Huginin, author of IronPython, a .NET dynamic language, was recently hired into the CLR team. I’m just glad that Orcas will be such a feature-filled release, because the next version, Hawaii, will probably not arrive until 2009 or 2010. "

For complete story, read at source: .NET Undocumented: Dynamic Typing in C# from Wesner Moise's blog.

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