Monday, July 11, 2005

Problems with Virtual PC and my laptop

Virtual PC 2004 SP1 Problems with Laptops and SpeedStep
Ted Neward posts that he's having trouble with Virtual PC 2004 SP1.

For the longest time, I was struggling with my VPC images. They run fine on my other laptops, but somehow when I got my new HP nw8000, my VPC images starting acting up. The image would boot but the screen would not refresh. On minimising the window, the screen would refresh, but now otherwise. Later I found out that it was not the images but it had something to do with the Virtual PC software. I searched and found this blog entry in Brian A. Randell's blog which fixed my problem. Here is the solution:

=========== From Brian A. Randell's blog =============
My suggestion? Turn off the SpeedStep feature of the processor in the BIOS. (You can also just try setting your power management settings to Always On). You can verify that your processor is running full speed by downloading Intel's Processor Identification Utility here [0].

There seems to be some issues with laptops and SpeedStep and the SP version of Virtual PC. I also seen reports of problems on Virtual Server with laptops.

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=========== From Brian A. Randell's blog =============

Full details at Brian A. Randell's blog page.

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