Saturday, February 12, 2005

VIA EPIA-MII 12000 Review : Courtsey SFFTech by Tuan Huynh

The new EPIA MII-12000 shares the same blue PCB as the preceding EPIA M. The most notable difference is the new PCMCIA/CF slots, which we will talk about later. The port layout is definitely a unique one, thanks to the new PCMCIA/CF slots. From left to right you have the standard PS2, VGA, Serial, USB 2.0, Ethernet, S-VIDEO, SPDIF/Composite, 6 channel audio, and Firewire outputs. Above the multimedia connectors are the Compact Flash and PCMCIA slots, an unusual finding on motherboards, but a welcomed addition. The CF/PCMCIA slots are removable; as they are on their own module. On top of the CF/PCMCIA slots, the EPIA MII is still able to retain its single 32bit PCI slot.For those that want to use a TV tuner that requires analog audio and want to retain the analog 6 channel audio outputs, the MII features an internal analog CD audio connector; perfect for ATI’s TV Wonder Pro and All in Wonder VE. Sitting above the CD audio connector are the front panel audio and second Firewire connectors. Also further right is a floppy connector, which according to Microsoft will become extinct with the launch of Longhorn…

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