Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Media Center Plug-In for HomeSeer

The HomeSeer Media Center Plug-in is a software add-on for HomeSeer that integrates with the Windows XP Media Center Operating System (MCE). With MCE you can control your TV, DVD, pictures, and videos using a simple remote control. With the HomeSeer Media Center Plug-in you can also control your lights, appliances, thermostats, cameras, and more, all with the same remote! HomeSeer does not need to be running on the MCE computer. The Plug-In can be accessed over your home network. This allows the MCE computer to be shut down or put into standby while not affecting the automation functions of HomeSeer.


-- Easy to install software plug-in for HomeSeer. To install, simply select Updates from the HomeSeer Help menu. You can install the plug-in as a trial and run it for free for 30 days.
-- All HomeSeer devices are available in the MCE interface. Simple select a device to control it.
-- All HomeSeer events are available in the MCE interface. Simply select an event to execute it.
-- An admin section allows you to specify which events and devices appear in the MCE interface.
-- Supports cameras by allowing you to select .jpg files to display. Supports the HomeSeer WebCam Plug-In.


-- HomeSeer software installed on either the MCE PC or any other PC on your network
-- A PC running the Windows XP Media Center operating system. (version 2004 or 2005)

After purchasing this plug-in, a license code will be emailed to you. Please install the plug-in first by selecting Updates from the HomeSeer Help menu.

Media Center Plug-In for HomeSeer: HomeSeer

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