Thursday, October 28, 2004

FVCS,Version Control,CVS,RCS,VSS

FVCS is a fast version control system developed from scratch in .NET using C#. This is a complete version control system and do not require any other tool or package.

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Supports Text as well as binary files.
Support of user and user base security.
Synchronization of folders based on tag or latest version in one shot.
Drag and Drop support for adding files to the repository.
Recursively adding files to the repository.
Supports Folder Diff to see and checkin files that need synchronization in one shot.
Supports delete / undelete of repository files and folders.
Supports logging of the Repository Activity Logs and includes a tool integrated with admin tool to view the same.

FVCS,Version Control,CVS,RCS,VSS

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